The Smalls lighthouse incident

25 miles off the coat of Pembrokeshire in Wales, on a tiny slither of land called the Smalls stands a lighthouse, steeped in dark history The lighthouse which is there today was built in 1861 to replace the original building which was erected in 1777. Designed by Henry Whiteside in 1976, the original structure stood... Continue Reading →


The Gory bells and the Gorbals Vampire

Just south of the river Clyde sits the  Gorbals. The area has a colourful history but here I want to talk about just two of its most famous urban legends- How it got its name (allegedly) and its most famous monster ! The Gorbals has been its own wee 'village' in some incarnation since the... Continue Reading →

Edinburghs most famous sons: Burke and Hare

  In Scottish history we have a lot of dark tales and grisly myths but one crime spree stands above them all in our capitals history. That of Burke and Hare.   In 1817, County Tyrone, Ireland,  Brendan ‘Dynes’ Burke decided he’d had enough of married life and abandoned his wife and two children. Emigrating to Scotland,... Continue Reading →

Bible John – The dancehall murders

  Glasgow in the late sixties; people of all ages danced off the work day worries in one of the cities many  dance halls, most popular of which was the Barrowlands Ballroom in Glasgows east end. The Barrowlands, or Barras as its more commonly known locally,  hosted live music and a variety of different nights appealing to different... Continue Reading →

Madeleine Smith

  In the mid 19th century the population of Glasgow was growing, hurtling towards the half million mark, despite the high infant death rate and absolute poverty crippling the working classes. With tenement houses full to bursting with families the upper classes were thriving in the cities affluent centre. Madeleine Smith was born on Sauchiehall... Continue Reading →

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